Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trying Some New Foods

I am inching closer to Phase 3 and decided to keep adding a few new foods every day. Today it was some smoked turkey breast. Went down just fine and it was so yummy to try some more substantial foods. Technically I don't start Phase 3 until next Tuesday, but I figured I am close enough. Burned some calories shoveling snow today. I am so sick of winter! 6 more inches of snow, yuk! My shoulder is on the mend thankfully and life is good.

My surgeon uses a video series called Emmi to show patients what to expect before and after surgery. I just received the link to the latest episode all about the fill or adjustments. Just a few weeks away and I will get my first fill.


  1. Glad to hear your shoulder is better!
    I'm with you on being sick of winter....I need some sunshine soon!

  2. Wow Cheryl, you are really doing well with your weightloss... wishing you smooth sailing to your first fill, sounds like you are handling this like a pro.