Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello 231!

Wow, I had an unexpected surprise of seeing 231 already on the scale this morning--I'll take it! That's awesome! I have been walking like crazy, so I am glad all those miles have been worth it. Today's forecast high temperature is 100 degrees, so I am up early and ready to head out the door to the track while the temperature is still relatively cool at 70 degrees. It's gonna be a scorcher later so I better get out there now. I did 4 miles last night, I may try to get 4 in again this morning if I have the stamina.

I can't believe I have been blogging for about a year. I looked back and realized that I started my lapband blog in early August. It's interesting to read those first few posts when I was still working on getting surgery approval. What an amazing year of ups and downs--mostly ups. I am nearly 8 months out from surgery and I feel like I am making good progress.


  1. You are shrinking! Your walking is really doing the trick, i'm very impressed how you just keep at it.
    Do you have an ipod or something to keep you entertained?

  2. Yep, my mp3 player is my best friend. Got lots of jazzy, high tempo tunes on there to keep me walking at a good pace. :)