Sunday, August 22, 2010

Working on Mr. Right...I Hope

Well, ladies my little project is progressing...slowly. I have found that patience is something I do not possess in great abundance in many aspects of my life. But I am trying. So several weeks ago I blogged about some dating prospects. Well this weekend I had my first face to face meeting we'll just call him B. for anonymity for now. We've been chatting on Facebook for about a month now and it was so nice to meet in person. I could tell he was super nervous, and even though I was too, I was cool as a cucumber on the outside. Anyway, we had a nice afternoon together--it was with a large group so I think that helped. I am guessing I am going to have to help things along, as I get the feeling B is kinda shy and unsure of himself. So I asked him to meet me for dinner next Saturday via FB email, so now I wait for a reply.

OMG, what a crazy whirlwind of a life lately. This whole dating thing is sooooo new to me. I can't believe that I am brave enough to do this. What a wonderful and yet scary by-product of weight loss surgery--starting to live a life I had hoped for but didn't believe could happen. For every change I experience physically I think I have experienced 10 times that emotionally. That was something I never could have imagined when the docs slipped that little silicone band around my stomach.


  1. Sounds great, hope that you hear back from him soon!

  2. Wow, good luck. I hope you have a wonderful time at dinner. And kudos for taking the wheel!!