Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank You Bathroom Scale!

It may be short and very fleeting, but I actually saw 229 on the scale this morning after my walk! Woohoo! I love it when I see a new bracket of numbers. I can't believe I am in the 220's! This is a whole new world--we are talking high school, some 20 years ago since I have seen these "low" weights on me.

If...or should I say when...this 229 sticks, I have lost 4 pounds this month already. That is so awesome. Funny how physical activity actually helps you lose weight! I have been walking like a maniac, once and sometimes twice a day and really working up a sweat. It is so awesome to see the pounds coming off, I hope I can keep this up for a while. I know there may be an inevitable plateau in the future, but for now I am gonna celebrate!