Monday, August 9, 2010

New Walking Shoes and Sugar Rush

I am so excited to put on my brand new walking shoes for my walk tonight. I treated myself to a new pair of Avia running shoes. They are so cute with pink and orange. I love the way new shoes feel, like they are just hugging your feet. Hope they don't rub and cause any blisters. I will just have to get them worn in. I am going walking later, but I need to wait until the heat dissipates a little bit. It's another hot and steamy day here.

Wow, I was on a real eating "binge" today. Seems like I was just craving all sorts of sweet stuff and I totally gave into it today. I had a piece of peach pie at lunch, coconut M & M's while I was driving today and to top it all off I also decided to have a vanilla cone dipped in cherry at DQ. I am guessing that TOM will be here next week and that's why I went on such a sugar high. I have no excuses though, I chose to eat all those things today. Needless to say, my calorie count may be a little off. I tried to compensate through the rest of the day, but I know that my healthy food choices today were few and far between. Oh well, life goes on!


  1. Hmm.. coconut flavored M&M's.. never heard of them.. Love the look of those shoes.. give us an update on how they feel.. I have been following your progress.. and you are doing fantastic..

  2. Your new shoes are really nice, enjoy your walk in them!