Sunday, August 29, 2010

That's Better

My dear scale decided to be nice again and gave me a 228 this morning. I hate those up and down swings. Well, it looks like this month is going to be a 5 pound loss, which is just fine with me. Not as exciting as last month's 8, but a very respectable pound a week. I went shopping yesterday, found some awesome clearance sales, including some dress pants for work that were originally marked $44 dollars that I got for $6! So not only did I buy one for now in a size 18, but I also bought a size 16. That's freakin' awesome. Also found some other pieces, all in all had a great day shopping. I still find it hard to believe that I am wearing those sizes. I am really going to need to work on my fall wardrobe, because I know that everything is going to be too big as I figure the last time I wore the clothes, in about March or April I weighed about 30 more pounds than now. Definitely gonna have to do some shopping.


  1. Great bargains! So pleased that the scale moved for you!

  2. I went shopping too and find it weird to be trying on smaller sizes. But it sure is fun. Astonishing at times but fun. Glad you are enjoying it.