Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Evolution of My Face

Just for kicks I put together a collage of my face and the way it has changed over the past five years. In 2005 I was right around 300, then you can see a slight difference in the 3rd and 4th photos in the top row when I managed to drop 45 pounds, then you can see how I ballooned back up over the next few years. The first photo on the bottom row is me over 300 again. Then slowly you start to see the evolution of the past year as I drop a few pounds a month in these random head shots in chronological order. Then there's the last photo on the bottow row at my current weight of about 220 pounds.

All these years I thought I had a round face, but suddenly I am beginning to see a more square or oblong face. Oh my, it is good to look at these photos and really see the difference. Part of it makes me happy to see the transformation, but I also have a slight twinge of sadness as I see so many years of a life lived at "less than". I wasn't happy for many of those years, and while I may have filled my life with work, travel and other things, I was truly empty inside. Thank God for the ability to change my life. What a gift the lap band has been to me. I have more work to do and I can't wait to add another row of pictures to my collage.


  1. Very well put! this whole band thing is transformational isn't it? I go back and forth with regret and no regrets...It took me this long to be ready ;)..Your face pics look Great!


  2. You look great! What a fantastic visual reminder of how far you've come. I agree you really don't have a round face now that you're smaller. Isn't it funny?

    And don't worry about the "lost years". You have so much in front of you and the wonderful person you are today is directly because of all the sruggles you've overcome!

  3. You look great - I love seeing these transformations.