Monday, November 22, 2010

TGIF...On Monday?

TGIF...Thank God I'm Filled! I made the 400+ mile round trip to my doc's office today and bless Kristin, the PA's heart for giving me some saline! Who hoo, I feel better already. It's like a reset button in my head. It always helps to have to slow down and have a day or two of mushies, and then you think twice about what you cram down your throat as you aren't exactly sure what will go down. Getting fills is like getting a lap-band refresher course.

I know I have been getting a little lax on my band rules so it was good to discuss some strategies with Kristin. It gave me some new things to work on. I am glad that I am going to be a little tight over Thanksgiving too. Hopefully that will be a good deterrent to stuffing myself. Leave the stuffing for the turkey, thank you very much.

I was actually surprised, as much as I have been bitching about not losing (and potentially gaining) in November my nurse said that I had lost 12 pounds since my last fill on August 17. That's actually an average of 4 pounds per month which is quite respectable. It's just been this last month that has freaked me out. So I am glad to be filled and I hope I find my sweet spot again!


  1. Glad to see you feeling great! I had a fill this past Friday, and it has made a big difference! I hope Thanksgiving goes well for both of us!

  2. You are so right with that reset button! I feel the same way when I get a fill.

    Good luck with things!!


  3. four pounds a month is more than respectable. it's great! glad to hear you got your fill. can't imagine having to travel so far. my doc is right up the road!!!! hope this is the sweet spot and your weight loss goes into overdrive for the holidays