Friday, November 5, 2010

Thinking About Chairs Today

Isn't it funny how you suddenly think about something. Today I was having a thought about my office chair. I moved into this job about 4 years ago and when I got to the office I hated the chair that was at my desk. I didn't fit into it. So I ordered myself a new office chair from the office supply company and I literally paid attention to the width/measurements of the seat and arms. Now, 4 years later as I sit in my custom ordered office chair, I am drowning in it. You could almost squeeze another person in here. So that made me think about some other chairs in my life...

Here's another thought on chairs. I fit so much better at the movie theater. I was at a movie a few weeks ago with my new E-Harmony friend (woohoo!) and I was actually comfortable and I could even cross my legs. For once I wasn't spilling into the next seat, making the poor person next to me uncomfortable. I actually had room to breathe. In fact, my new honey is kind of a bigger guy and I even made a point to give him the aisle seat for a little more room. Made me realize that I while I am still a big girl, I definitely don't take up as much space as I used to. I feel average, and that's awesome.

One more chair example. My sister built a new house a while back and furnished the kitchen island with lovely wooden bar stools. While it was a great gathering place, I avoided them at all costs because I knew that my fat ass wouldn't fit in those skinny high armed chairs. I am finally starting to fit better in them too--it's still a little tight but so much better. Even my sister noticed that I fit better.

One more thing that only fat people think about, and that is the choice of chairs around a table in a crowded room. Case in point, last week I was at a work conference and for the first time in a long time I didn't have to think twice about choosing a chair in a certain position at the table. I hated it when in the past I felt like I was in the way of the waitress, or that I prevented people from being able to walk behind me or get through a crowded space. I just sat down without thinking.

Or how about the times you thought twice about sitting on a folding chair or a canvas lawn chair wondering if your 300 pounds was a little too much to ask of the screws, nuts and bolts holding it together. I've bent my share of hardware over the years. Anybody ever broken a toilet seat? Yep, guilty. That one is rather embarrassing. It was at home, the seat bolts were a little loose and the seat had slid to one side, when I sat down it went crack! Poor thing, it saw that 300 pound ass coming and probably got so scared it cracked itself.

I don't think I realized how much I didn't fit in the world, both literally and figuratively. Some days I just get so introspective about this stuff. I love my little blog, where I can exorcise some demons once in a while. Who would have thought that the subject of chairs would have warranted this long of a post. So silly.


  1. Not silly at all!! Right on target!! Chairs are a huge change for me. We lived this way (at least I did) for so many years. the non-fat world didn't even know the work we had to go to in order to 'fit' but yet we were working at it all the time.

    My big thing yesterday was people looking me in the eye. No one used to do that and it still unnerves me.

    Congrats on the 'fitting'

  2. I now find that my bum goes numb sitting on hard chairs for long periods of time. I did notice that airplane seats (sort of a chair) were roomier, in fact I tucked my legs under me for just a few seconds just so I could say I did it. Granted, no one was sitting beside me but last year I noticed a little twiggy doing it on a trip and decided that was one thing I wanted to be able to do. To bad I wasn't as flexible. But chairs do matter. Here's hoping we all find the chair of our dreams.

  3. The chair issue is one of my favorite things about being smaller. I can't wait to fly again.