Monday, November 8, 2010

Holy Cow Moments and Appreciating The Little Things

I sent my most recent progress picture and my stats to some good friends and family this past week and they were so shocked at my 88 pounds lost so far. I guess that number hasn't really sunk in. But when they said the number out loud and said "look how close you are to losing 100 pounds", it was a little shocking. I think when you lose weight so slowly and you break it down pound by pound and you dissect every little number like we tend to do here on the blogs we forget to look at the cumulative effect of our accomplishments.

I mean holy cow, 88 pounds--that is just 12 pounds away from 100 pounds and 15 away from onederland. If I saw someone else write that down I would really compliment them on their progress, but somehow when I read it it seems sort of unsubstantial. I think it feels that way because I know how much more work I have to do before hitting my goal weight. That is a mind set I need to change. I need to appreciate the work I have done so far and shout it from the rooftops. It helps to take a look at your work in progress once in a while and really look at what you have done.


  1. That is tremendous progress and you should be proud proud proud. When you think its nothing, try holding a 5 lb bag of potatoes from the grocery've lost almost 20 of these bags...that is great.

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