Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cure for Baggy Butt...Size 16's!

Well, I went shopping yesterday and bought some new jeans. I fit snugly into a size 16! As usual, I went to the plus size section of the store and then realized that there were no sizes there for me! Woohoo! I can't believe it, I truly am in the regular size section of the store. I also picked up the new sweater I am wearing and two other shirts, all size XL (16/18). I am a little lumpy, with a slight muffin top, but I know that the jeans will fit better every week, so it's better to buy them slightly tight. Plus they have spandex, so they will get roomy throughout the day as I wear them.

Scale says 202 today, which I can live with. It's been up and down this month as my eating habits have been a little off kilter. Hopefully I can get that in check and keep seeing some progress soon. Yippee for 16's!


  1. wahooo you..way to go! the leap from plus to regular is huge!

  2. I found all the new choices so overwhelming. But I quickly got used to it :) Great job!

  3. Look at you go! So glad you bought some new jeans!

  4. Well done! I can't wait to shop in the regular section! Huge achievement :D

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