Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Fat Kid on a Teeter Totter

Today I was talking to a co-worker who asked me if I had met my weight loss milestone of losing 100 pounds. I said yes, which was awesome and told the group that I was getting close to being under 200 pounds too. Then he said the funniest comment, he said "Hey, we can teeter totter now!" It made me laugh, just because it's true, I am slowly getting closer to being normal!

For those of you who were heavy as young people, you know the stigma and shame when you were the fat kid on the teeter totter, and you needed two friends to sit on the other end to make things work. It is so nice to know that little by little I am starting to fit a little bit better into the world. So to all the former fat kids...I hope you find someone to teeter totter with! :)


  1. boy can i relate to the teeter totter. once i was talking to a friend of mine that weighs 101 lbs. she was with her husband, another small person that weighed about 140. she was holding her young baby that was 16 lbs and her other son was also there who weighed 27 lbs. the whole time i was thinking to myself that i weighed more than that entire family. and if we were on a teeter totter they would be up in the air and i would be on the ground. i laugh now whe i think back but believe me i was crying then.

  2. Wow, great story Lori--It's amazing to think that at my heaviest weight I could weigh as much as a family...wow what a picture!

  3. I had a best friend in Texas who became my friend because we both played on the teeter totter daily..we weighed the same amount and we so happy to have found each other!