Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Food Guilt?

Ever have guilt about eating certain foods? Tonight I got done at the gym and decided to stop by Taco John's to pick something up for supper--yes I know that's a little odd work out then eat junk food! I ordered a taco and nachos and the calories added up to 560, not the best nutritionally of course, but I was still in line for the whole day's calories. Why do I feel guilty about eating it? I haven't eaten at TJ's in months, so this really was a treat. Actually I rarely eat out anymore, it's too complicated.

In comparison I used to eat TJ's at least once a week as my fat self, and the most common meal combo I got would equal 1100 calories--that's not that far off from my total calories I allow for the whole day now! So why do I have this little twinge of guilt? Of course now my band is hurting a bit, it's like payback for choosing the wrong thing. Ugh!


  1. Food guilt is tough to kick. You are not alone.

  2. food guilt is really hard to kick but there is something else in least for me...when I slip and go back to something that was a really bad habit for me (like fast food or ice cream)..i get scared that this might be the first bite down a slippery slope to obesity again.

    That has not happened (although the weight gain at Christmas was pretty scary). On a good note I really have over time gotten to a point where my real food does taste better than my old loved fast food. It took a really long time though.


  3. Great thought Tina...I guess deep down I am afraid of the slippery slope. Maybe the guilt is my brain's way of saying, stop and think and I should take that as a positive thing. :)

  4. Don't feel guilty! If you do, you won't allow yourself to feel satisfied and you might start grazing later. When I "splurge" I eat especially slowly. Sometimes I turn off the TV or even close my eyes when the food is in my mouth. I enjoy the hell out of it! An it IS satisfying!