Friday, February 11, 2011

Smack Ass Turns to Baggy Ass

Sometimes the slow and steady weight loss just sneaks up on you. Today I noticed that my "smack ass" jeans--you know the ones, the size 18's that I was ecstatic about a few months ago 'cause I looked like a million bucks in them? Well, here we are, the jeans are straight out of the dryer this morning and I have a baggy butt. Time for some new jeans! So now I am thinking what size is next? Will it be a 16? Or dare I dream for a 14? These jeans were tight in October, now on to the next one!

Well, last night's colon cleanse was a success, everything is clean as a whistle now. Ha ha! Of course after a night like that, the scale was awesome this morning, giving me 201! But I doubt that will stick around. So we will see what today brings. My band was particularly tight this morning. All I had for breakfast was yogurt and that even hurt the slightest bit going down. Such a fickle thing, my band.


  1. Go out and get some new jeans STAT! :)

  2. That is some serious saggy...and I would definitely predict a 14. You go girl!! Glad to hear the 'cleanse' was a success. Now get some water on board! :)


  3. Isn't that funny how it sneaks up on you. Good job. Feels so good, doesn't it?


  4. My security word was "copulate"!!!

  5. Oh my Tracy! Let's hope that bodes well for my future or yours!!! LOL!