Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Opposite

I am a big Seinfeld fan and there is an episode that just really sticks with me lately. George decides that his life is a mess and that he should try doing the opposite. As Jerry says, "If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right." See the clip here... Anyway, so today I decided to do a little more flirting with office guy. I left a little note for him and piece of chocolate--it was in reference to the earlier conversation we had on Tuesday. It is sooooooo unlike me to be that bold and flirtatious. But like George, I figure the opposite has to be right! I feel like a hormonal teenager! Oh my!

In other band news, I lost 100 pounds...again! Thanks to some scale fluctuations I had had bounced from 202 back up to 204. But today I landed back at 203, so I am back to my 100 pound loss again. Ugh, I need to get that under control and keep the scale moving in the right direction. I know exactly why it hasn't been though, not enough time at the gym this week and a free-for-all eating marathon over the weekend. So no big surprises there. Time to kick it back into gear.


  1. I LOVE me some Seinfeld! And you go girl! I think you're right - sometimes you just have to rip off the band-aid and do something completely out of your comfort zone. Keep us posted! :)

  2. Love that episode! And good for you for being so bold!