Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of the Month "Check Up"

Well, here we are another month done. I am pleased to say I managed to lose 6 pounds in October which is awesome. There was a time earlier in the month that I swore the scale would never move again. So I will definitely take six. I am still creeping toward my 100 pound loss and my upcoming bandiversary in December. I am just 14 pounds away from 100 pounds total weight loss (pre-op and post op) that will probably take about 2-3 months to achieve, based on my previous weight loss averages. I hope I can keep moving in the right direction.

Only thing that has been kind bugging me lately is a little shoulder pain once in a while. I have been reading up on this and there are some people who have had lapband surgery that get referred pain in their shoulder from their tubing irritating their diaphragm. I think I have had some of this lately. I think I might bring it up at my next appointment. I am supposed to go to the doc later in November. I am trying to decide if I need a fill or not. I am still losing weight at a pretty average pace and I think I am pretty close to my sweet spot. So I am not sure if I need to cancel the appointment and save myself the trip. I guess I will think about that. Today's scale read 217, that's awesome.

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  1. I haven't heard about the band and shoulder pain before so an interesting thing I will keep in mind. I do know that as my bones have resurfaced that I get neck and shoulder pain from laying on my pillows and even against the arm of the couch. I have had to revise how I sit and sleep a couple of times as I have lost along the way.