Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Slippery Slope

Just got done reading Yana's blog (find her at and it really hit me tonight. Her weight loss in 6 months. I know it is a bad idea to compare yourself to someone else, since we are all so unique in how our bodies work, but we are only human and I think we compare ourselves to see if we are "normal" and to have a yardstick to measure our progress. Yana and I had surgery with about a week of each other last December and our surgery day weights were within about 10 pounds, me at 277 and her at 264. She has lost between 38-41 pounds and I have lost 58, nearly 20 pounds more. I want to be careful here...I don't write those numbers here to disparage the work that she has done, instead it just really made me realize that I could be in her shoes SO EASILY!

Her post just made me wonder...what would it take for me to have a 6 month plateau? I'd say not much, just a few days of overeating that add up to a couple weeks, that add up to a couple of months and then suddenly your stuck in that same old weight loss slippery slope. It's just another one of those lapband epiphany moments when you realize that the work is NEVER done. I work so hard every single day to make good choices. Some days I win, others I could do better. It is almost overwhelming to think about it. Every single day you have to chose to be healthy and to help your lapband succeed. That little piece of silicone and titanium can only do so much and then you have to do the rest.

Anyway I am thankful that I have had consistent, may it be ever so slow weight loss, but I am so glad I can say that since surgery I have managed to have weight loss every single month. Hearing Yana's story just made me realize what a blessing and what a feat that really is. So when I bitch and moan about the scale not moving for a while, tell me to get some perspective. A loss is a loss, even if it is only one pound and I know that I am the who has to make it happen, choosing every day to help my lapband do its job.

Hey fellow bloggers, give Yana a shout out would ya, I think she could use a little encouragement. :)

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