Monday, October 25, 2010

More Clothes Shopping Adventures

I am almost in disbelief, but I have been shopping trying to replace some of my winter wardrobe little by little. I was so excited the other day to choose XL's from the racks in the regular sized clothing section. I have been looking at plus sizes for so long it's hard to believe. I look at the clothes and think, will an XL really fit? And sure enough it does! That's so awesome. I feel "normal". Today I stopped by a consignment shop owned by my cousin's wife. Found some great bargains, 2 Columbia vests, awesome for winter layering and a pull over rain jacket, which is perfect for this crappy fall weather we are having.

Shopping was never fun for me, and it is finally exciting to find stuff that fits and that I feel good in. I am also learning to appreciate thrift store shopping, finding some awesome bargains and lots of stuff that still have tags or are in great shape. That's fun and so easy on my pocketbook. There is one other area of my wardrobe that needs undergarments. I have decided that I have been wearing far too much comfortable, boring, utilitarian stuff. Now that my love life has been spiced up thanks to my weight loss and E-Harmony I think I need to take a trip to Victoria's Secret and buy myself some pretties.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Congrats on the new lows and the need to shop!!!! Look forward to supporting you on your journey. I appreciate your encouraging words.

  2. I've been enjoying shopping too. But I so need new bras. I hate shopping for a bra as much as going to the dentist. But I will need to go soon so my new clothes look better. Have fun in the stores!