Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Falling a Little Short on Walking But It's OK

I have been falling off the wagon a bit with my walking, and I may fall short of my 80 in October goal, but at least I have been walking and burning calories and will still have logged over 50 miles this month which is awesome. This morning I did 2 miles in my hotel room. I am away from home at a work conference so that makes it slightly more difficult to get my miles in. That also can pose a challenge sometimes as eating gets a little more difficult. Choosing good foods and not binging on too many drink calories during after hours get-togethers gets a little tougher. I really need to be aware of the calories I am eating, because I am really pleased with my weight loss for the month so far and I don't want to lose that momentum.


  1. You can do it CeeJay. 80lbs down that is wonderful!! Congratulations.

  2. You are doing great. Just keep plugging away!