Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goodbye 3X's and More

I am cleaning out my closets today! It is sort of an emotional day oddly enough. I almost don't trust the fact that I don't need these clothes anymore. It's like I don't want to jinx myself by giving them away, just in case I need to wear them again. But that is flawed thinking isn't it? I am going to pack several boxes for the thrift store and get rid of anything that is too big for me. This is a big step.

Well, I ended up taking 16 pairs of pants ranging in size from 28 to 20 to the thrift store. I also took about 25 shirts and sweaters, mostly 3X's too. So now my closet is nearly empty. At least I will know what I have now. I have been picking up a few pieces here and there at thrift stores and sometimes I buy a size or two ahead and then I forget what I bought. What an adventure!


  1. Oh, what a great feeling for you! I do understand about the nervousness. It's okay, it will pass as you buy smaller and smaller clothes!

  2. Yes, I know exactly how you feel....we are so tempted to save the BIG CLOTHES....just in case! Believe me, I have an attic filled with sizes! And, let's face it---those clothes were our sources of warmth and comfort....of course we have emotional attachments to them! Bravo for you for doing this! I really need to rid my life of my bigger sizes completely! It's just soooo hard!
    But, you have inspired me. Can you come for a visit to help me??? I'll share my clothes with you.....