Tuesday, January 18, 2011

97 Pounds Gone!

OMG, I am inching ever closer to 100! This morning the kind scale gave me a 206, just 3 more pounds to 100 pounds gone and 7 little pounds to onederland! I hope this losing trend continues, February could be a momentous month!

The first part of the month seems the hardest, and then all the sudden mid-month things seem to kick into gear. So far for the month I am down 4 pounds, which is respectable and follows my familiar pound a week trend. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I wish my weight loss wasn't so manic...or perhaps I wish I wasn't so manic, LOL. If you read my blog it is a constant battle to quiet the negative little devil on my shoulder. One day I bitch and moan about the scale not moving and then I shout from the rooftops that it did. Eek! What a drama queen! So glad when the scale cooperates!