Friday, January 21, 2011

Yippee for Friday and a New Number...Again!

Well, here's the update for the week. I did mushies for a few days and that really helped to make my band feel better. I went back on regular food for supper tonight and all is well. Plus, going on mushies for a few days helped the scale move! I actually saw 204 this morning! I hope it will stick! It came so quickly on the heels if 205, I am not sure I can trust it just yet. Been doing good on exercise, trying to squeeze it in when I can and I have been getting to a higher intensity at the gym, meaning some real sweat inducing cardio workouts. I am happy that Friday and the weekend are here. I am ready to relax and enjoy some down time.


  1. Hey congrats to you! I can't wait until I see 204! Hopefully next week!