Friday, January 14, 2011

I Will Go To The Gym...

Ok, I am sitting here trying to convince myself to go out in the cold and go to the gym. Why is it such a mental battle to go! Ugh. I have my clothes on, shoes on and ready to head out the door, but I keep watching just a few more minutes of TV.

Update...I did finally go to the gym! I did an hour long workout on the elipticals, recumbent bike and the weights. I'd like to think that I am actually gaining some muscle from my workouts. I can definetely feel the difference in my stamina. I work out harder and at a better pace to keep my heart rate up in the cardio level. Now I am sitting at home relaxing in my recliner and drinking a big old glass of cold water to quench my thirst. Ahhhhh. I feel so good that I went. Now to motivate myself for tomorrow...


  1. You're amazing, I know that I wouldn't have gone, well done!

  2. Good for you! I always feel so much better when I go to the gym.