Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Friday Night

Some co-workers and I went out for drinks and dinner tonight, what a fun way to end the week and start the weekend. I invited a co-worker...nice, single guy to join us. It only took me an hour to get up the nerve to ask him, lol. I have no expectations about us, but it was just nice to know that I have the ability to approach a guy and say "hey, wanna go out for a drink." I still have so much work to do with my self esteem and believing that I can survive in the world of dating but I am making progress. Some times it is hard to think about how much work I have to do in that area of my life. I realize more and more each day that I wasted so much of my life being invisible. I didn't want anyone to notice me and I didn't make any effort to get to know anyone. I was always so afraid of rejection that I never even allowed anyone to get close, thereby assuring that I couldn't get theory sure, but in the long run I did get hurt, by my own choices to push people away. I still have hard time believing that someone could be interested in me. One of these days I might believe it...I hope.


  1. Good for you! It's funny, you think....all he can say is no, no big deal, but it is a big deal. I am very proud of you!

  2. That's great you asked your coworker out for a drink. Great first step.