Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Self Imposed Mushies

I have been hurting a little bit lately, I think I may have angered my band this past weekend and things are feeling a bit irritated, kinda feels like the ache you get after a fill, like things might be a bit swollen. So I am putting myself on a few days of self imposed mushies to see if that helps things feel better. I think the two culprits were Tator Tot Casserole and homemade brownies. I think the combination of these two foods over the past week have been a little too dense and stuck a little too tight in the old band. My coworkers laugh at me because when my band is irritated it makes my shoulder hurt, which feels better if I hold it over my head. So I sit in the break room at work saying my stomach hurts and raising my hand like I am waiting for the teacher to call on me. They make fun of me, LOL. So I went to the grocery store and stocked up on mushies and will give it a try to see if things improve.


  1. CeeJay - I am feeling the same way. I have a hurting pissed off stomach. I just told my husband I'm doing mushies for awhile. So I'm with you, hopefully we'll both feel better later this week. Keep me posted.

  2. Hand raised with you both-I got stuck twice in Seattle (way too indulgent) and and now trying to take it easy. I tend to go on the soup diet when this happens..but did do oatmeal this morning.

    Good luck...xxxooo

  3. I was on mushies for about 5 days. It did help. Hope yo are feeling better soon!