Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back to the Gym

Wow, I took a little break from the gym, and it was so hard to want to go back...ugh. But I finally moved my ass out of my recliner and headed outside. I worked out for about an hour, so at least I can say that I wasn't completely worthless and lazy on a Saturday. Scale is still giving me 209, so glad it was willing to stick for me, on to 208! I have been trying to eat well. I have been really tight lately, which can be a good thing. It's been a little fickle. I definitely have restriction, and most of the time it is just right, but once in a while it is super tight and I feel like I am barely getting anything down. I don't think I can complain though, it just makes me think twice about chewing and eating slowly. It's all good. Life is good.


  1. Good for you :) Exercise is the key

  2. Exercise is totally key - but I'm right with you, that it's hard to get going again if you take a break from it - I'm there too.

  3. Getting back to exercise is sooo hard for me. I am impressed you had the gumption to get up and go. That weight will come off for sure.