Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bloated Whale

Finally made it back to the gym tonight. I was the only one there which is really unusual. Most of the time I have to work out with skinny beeatch with the tight, low cut shirt and about 3 guys with a total Napoleon complex--you know the type under 5' 7" and trying to build muscles to feel like a man. So the three Napoleon boys oogle low cut beeatch. Boy do I feel like chopped liver, LOL. So it was quite nice to have the place to myself. The other alternative is to go to the gym in the early morning and then I am with the wrinkled senior citizen set. Just can't win. So at least I had a nice workout.

I am feeling like a total bloated whale today, so I am almost afraid to look at the scale, 'cause I am guessing that for the next few days the scale is gonna be all over the place thanks to my lady hormones. Isn't that just an absolute joy to deal with? Can I hear an amen! Up until today I had been holding steady to 209, we will see what tomorrow's number will look like--just gotta keep perspective, that number is not real weight gain and it will hopefully right itself in a week or so.


  1. I bet that it won't be so bad, well done on going to the gym!

  2. You'll soon BE that skinny beeatch! :) Good for you for working out.