Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Overheard at the Gym

Tonight at the gym there were three ladies who were barely working out...they spent more time talking than actually exercising. Of course they were all skinny and cute. I'm there sweating my ass off and huffing and puffing. Life is not fair. Anyway, as I am giving it my all on the ellipticals I couldn't help but overhear their conversation, and it made me laugh to hear them discussing the fact that one of them was recovering from her recent breast implant surgery. There was a little satisfaction in knowing that the people that I often "judge" as perfection--you know...thin, pretty and seemingly having it all are not so happy with themselves. Guess it just goes to show that we all have things we want to fix or change about ourselves and in the end it is not what the world thinks of us, but instead what we think of ourselves. I know that I am a work in progress and that's OK.


  1. So on target! It is funny isn't how we get to thinking we are the only ones worried about how we look or how smart we look or how socially adept...when in fact most of the people around us are feeling exactly the same way.

  2. We all are works in progress.

    Merry Christmas CeeJay!!