Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

Well, I suppose it is mandatory to write a year end post that sums up the year 2010, so here goes. Let's do the ABC's of me in 2010...

A - Adding exercise to my regular routine.
B - Blogging to measure my progress.
C - Cheryl became number one priority in my life.
D - Dreaming of reaching my goal weight.
E - Eating better foods that fuel my body.
F - Finding out who I am really am.
G - Getting to shop in the "normal" section of the store for clothes.
H - Having the ability to change my life.
I - I am finding my self worth.
J - Jogging on the treadmill.
K - Keeping my momentum and still losing weight.
L - Lexapro is a wonder drug! I love my happy meds.
M - Meeting a guy and having some "fun" (wink, wink, smile!)
N - New sizes in clothing is awesome.
O - Only I can change my life.
P - People in my life have been great cheerleaders to encourage me.
Q - Quit being so negative. (I still have my moments, but it's better!)
R - Really losing almost 100 pounds total!
S - Scale keeps changing all the time.
T- Therapy helped me sort things out.
U - Using all my skills and abilities to change my life.
V - Viewing life from a new perspective.
W - Wanting more from my life, and going after it.
X - eXamining the reasons I got to 303 pounds and getting rid of some baggage.
Y - Yes I can!
Z - Zipping up my size 18 pants and having room to spare.
So there it is, the ABC's of me for 2010. Wishing you health and happiness in 2011. I hope all your dreams come true!