Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lost my Willpower

I had a work meeting today and I was going to be soooooo good and not eat the Hershey's Kisses on the table, and I was also not going to eat the frosted sugar cookies, and I was also not going to have a cup of hot cider...ummm yeah, what happened to your willpower today? Holy cow, before I knew it I had devoured a 190 calorie cookie, 160 calories of Kisses and probably 130 calories in the glass of cider. Excuse me? Nearly 500 calories for that junk? What in the world was I doing? Well, at least I can say the whole day wasn't shot. I made up for my little binge by taking it easy on my supper calories. But oh my. It is so easy to just lose your mind.

I tried to tell myself that I wasn't going to have any, but after being in the same meeting room with the same people droning on hour after hour, I just craved it. So I started with one Kiss, then one more, then another then the person next to me had a cookie and I could smell the sweet yummyness. You know the cookies I am talking about...the super soft frosted sugar cookies that they typically sell at Wal-Mart. I've been known to eat whole packages in a weekend. So now I am sitting here getting myself geared up to back out in the cold to go to the gym. I would much rather sit in the warmth of my recliner, but I know I have to push myself...ugh!

Update...just got home from an hour workout at the gym. I feel so much better knowing I got in some physical activity today. It was a good workout, lots of cardio and more weight training. I am even getting better on the ellipticals, they are getting a little easier every time I get on them. Woohoo! So glad I got moving. Hope I start to see the scale move, been on 213 for a while now which is awesome, but I am ready to see 212!

Ooh..wait I forgot one more thing. I did some thrift store shopping today and I am so excited to say I found 3 sweaters, very cute brand name stuff and in great condition for the grand total of, get ready for it...$6.36. Awesome! Already have them in the wash so I can wear one to work tomorrow. One of them was a 1X and the other two were XL's. Awesome!


  1. My husband has those devil cookies at my house right now. My only saving grace is that he eats them by the armful, so they won't be around for me to resist much longer.

    Good for you for adjusting your supper cals and working out-- there's no reason you can't have a day like today with the treats on occasion if you're mindful of it.

  2. Those are my FAVORITE store-bought cookies. They are sooooo yummy. They had them out with the coffee at church on Sunday, but I managed to avoid them.

    But don't sweat the mini-binge too much. It is hard to sit in a room for hours with crap like that around and NOT eat it. Besides it sounds like you got right back on the wagon by eating a smaller dinner and hitting the gym extra hard. In the past, something like that could have sent me into a month long spiral so I have to say, "Kudos for nipping it in the bud!".