Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Lost 2 Pounds in November!

Well, after a very tumultuous ride in the month of November I am so pleased to say that my official weight loss for the month of November was 2 pounds. I was so afraid that I would have a gain last month. So I am so glad to say it is December 1 and I am starting the month off at 214.

There are lots of milestones to hit this month, as I will be celebrating my bandiversary on December 15. Watch for upcoming pictures featuring my largest size pants and what I look like in them today...woohoo! They are just 5 sizes larger than what I wear now. That's insane. Another milestone I hope to see in the next few days is a 90 pound total weight loss. I can't wait to see 213 on the scale. Once I hit that I will be sliding ever so much closer to the big ones in the next month or two (cross my fingers)...100 pounds gone and onederland! I am just bursting with anticipation.

I really need to kick it in the ass when it comes to exercise though, I know that would help me reach my goals quicker, but wow I am struggling to get motivated to do any sort of physical activity. Since it is the first of the month I should give myself a little mini challenge here. Might have to think on that and report back tonight. I will work on that.


  1. Considering your struggles that's pretty amazing, you'll be at 90 down in no time.

  2. wahooo--Some months are fast some are slow but going down is great isn't it?? :)