Wednesday, April 11, 2012

219 & Listening to My Band

Saw 219 on the scale this morning which is so awesome. Thank goodness I am headed in the right direction. I realize that with my new tightness it is more important than ever to listen to my band...when it says I'm full, it really means it. I had gotten into the habit of cleaning up my plate again and I can't afford to do that. I think in my subconscious there is a "fear" that if I don't eat what I put on my plate I will be hungry later and so I feel the need to eat the portions I placed on the plate. But that's pretty stupid as I demonstrated to myself last night when I vomited, rather violently the last bits of ham and potato that I thought I could squeeze down my throat. Yeah, don't want to do that again.

Even this morning, my cereal bowl was telling me, just leave those last two or three spoonfuls, but I went for it anyway, and now I sit here sliming and uncomfortable. I need to get back that mental awareness of when my pouch is full and convince my brain that it is enough and it's time to stop. It had been so long since I felt a good green zone restriction, I think I forgot what it was like. I am glad to have found it again, now I just need to learn to live with it again.


  1. That is such a thing for us isn't it? But good for you for recongnizing that just because it is there, it doesn't mean we need to eat. Go you!

  2. Awesome on 219! You're doing so well!! And, I'm sure you'll listen to that cereal bowl next time! :)