Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Day of Softies

So far today i have just water and yogurt for breakfast. I think I will stick with a diet of soft foods today and give the old band a good rest. Today already felt better when I ate the yogurt, a little restriction but not the unbearable sliming and regurgitating. So I think that I will just be gentle for one more day. Tomorrow I am off to my doc's office for a lapband refresher course and a support group. Then I have a surgery consult the following day for my gall bladder. It's the same surgeon who did my port revision for me last summer. So we will see what he has to say about that. Scale has been hovering between 219-220. I guess I can live with that, it is down from the beginning of April and that is a good thing.

Update...I had soup for lunch, and that worked pretty good. Tonight for supper I thought I would try something just a little more substantial. So it was some ham salad, which went down so-so. Then I had a craving for cheesy noodles, which after a few bites it was pretty obvious was not going to go down. So I stopped immediately and now I am doing some sliming. This is not good. I had such a small fill, I don't think I need an unfill, but this is really quite miserable. Not sure what I want to do just yet. Perhaps tomorrow's refresher course will help me decide if I am just forgetting what real restriction is like or if I need an unfill. I was really hoping that my band would have calmed down by now. Ugh! So fickle! 

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