Monday, April 23, 2012


Well, for those of you who tuned in yesterday...I did go for a walk and "earned" that delicious cupcake. But in typical karma fashion, I think that cupcake may also have set off another gallbladder attack! (Well, I'm not sure if the two were related, but it sure felt like my body was punishing me.)

So last night, shortly after supper (which included the cupcake--but also stayed within my daily calorie goals) I started feeling the pain around 6 PM. Ooooohhhh it hurts so much! The horrible pain lasted for about an hour, then the dull ache lasted until I went to bed finally a little after 10. But before the night was over I dealt with awful nausea and some dry heaves. As a bandster I always get so afraid of violent vomiting or dry heaves, just certain that my band will slip! Ugh.

So today my whole body aches from the pain and the dry heaves. My abdominal muscles are so sore. I just have this overall feeling of yuckyness. What a great way to start a Monday. Thankfully, I have gallbladder surgery scheduled for May 7, and hopefully that will take care of that.

If there is one bright spot in my day, it is that the scale finally gave me a new number...218. Took a long time to earn that one.

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