Friday, April 13, 2012

Like Learning to Walk Again

Eating is a while new adventure again. I am back to lapband size portions of things and it is so different. It is almost a chore to eat. It takes a long time to chew stuff down and my portion sizes are incredibly small. I had almost forgotten what this was like. I still am eating just a bit too much, and I am sliming and having to swallow down again and again after my meals. Soon I will learn to just stop. But I haven't got that notion of finishing my plate out of my head just yet. I can't believe how little food I had for lunch today...about 2 ounces of turkey, 1 oz of cheese and about about 10-12 baby carrots. I topped things off with a little sweetness, with some sugar free jello. I should have stopped before the jello, because now it is sitting at the top of my stomach taunting me.

I look at the size of what I ate and think how in the world can that satisfy me?! But back in my weight loss heyday, that was enough. I realize now how long I have not been feeling my band and taking advantage of the benefits of restriction. It is a brand new world again. Welcome to the green zone!

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