Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things I Knew But Forgot...Or Ignored

It was very helpful to go to the Back to Basics session offered by my docs office for weight loss surgery patients who were gaining, felt stuck or just needed an update. There were about 15 people there, both lapbanders and gastric bypass patients. Some had surgery years ago and other were relatively recent. It was interesting to hear their stories, get ideas and share experiences with them.

My PA who does my fills, an RN and an RD spoke to the group and they all had great advice. It wasn't necessarily new information to me but it was certainly things I had forgotten or had just plain ignored for a while. It was all things that I need to recommit to, and ways to use my tool better. They also reminded us that we had surgery on our stomachs...not our brains and that is a big factor. It is a constant, daily choice we have to make to eat healthy and exercise.

So here were a few of the tidbits I was reminded of again (and where I can make changes):
  • 3 meals, no snacking - This really always did work best for me. Not to say that there wasn't an occasional snack, but when I was doing my best at weight loss I stuck religiously to the three meals a day rule. I have been snacking constantly lately, and it has been high calorie food with little nutritional value. If I really need a snack I need to look for healthy choices. Each thing I eat, I should ask the question...what does eating this provide or is it empty calories?
  • No liquids with meals and waiting 1/2 hour before and after - Again, this was a successful method for me. Lately I had been having liquid with almost all of my meals. It sure helps those calories slide on through and then I felt hungry later and went in search for snacks. That needs to end.
  • Planning Your Plate - Using a small salad plate or small bowls to help you with appropriate portion sizes. Planning to have your plate divided in three: 1/3 protein, 1/3 fruits or veggies and 1/3 carbs/starches and eating them in that order...protein first, then fruits and veggies and saving carbs for last. I was really cheating on this rule.
  • Eating Slowly and Chewing Well - This is a must when I am at a good restriction level. It is a deliberate action or chewing food down to the consistency of applesauce. Meals should take about 20-25 minutes to eat to allow your brain to feel the satiety feeling. I was wolfing food down and looking for the next thing to eat.
  • Listening to Your Band - Being aware of the soft stop feeling and STOPPING! I don't know how many times I just had one, two or three more bites and then ended up sliming, barfing and being miserable because I overate. Knowing the difference between full and satisfied is so important. I need to be more deliberate.
All in all, the things I heard were not rocket science and it was things I already knew but I needed a good reminder. These are MY rules, I know everyone else is different. I just know that I was successful when I followed these. I need to start living like I have a lapband again.


  1. such important stuff that fades doesn't it? I am especially guilty of the snacking one!!

    It was really good for me to read these again.


  2. Great post!! Thank you for sharing. I had my head in the sand for a long time and when I went back to the basics it made such a HUGE difference!! HUGE. I was breaking so many bandster rules.

    I FINALLY feel like my brain is banded this time around. Just wish it didn't take so long to get there!! I love that analogy about our stomachs but not our brains. So true!

  3. I really needed this post today! Thank you!