Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank You Restriction!!!

What a difference a new mind set and some restriction makes. Today I finally started eating like I had a lapband again. A small, salad size plate, measured servings and I am half way through and feeling full. Slow eating, taking a full 30 minutes to eat and a good amount of protein. That's how you lose weight! Keep it up girl. Now, this afternoon I will be drinking lots of water and I have a local snack figured out if I get the hungries. You know how to do the only thing to do is repeat, repeat, repeat!

For later today, I have water aerobics at 5:30 and I plan on getting on my new shoes and new workout gear and taking a walk in the beautiful sunshine.

Afternoon Update...Took a sugar free chocolate pudding break---such a better option than my previous, reach for a candy bar break. Only 70 calories versus 250 or more. Gotta be smart!!

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  1. That's great!! Enjoy your Workout Wednesday!