Friday, April 13, 2012

Irritated Band or Too Tight?

Ah yes, that is the question...have I just irritated my band with the last few days of difficult eating or am I too tight? Tonight for supper I only managed to get about a 1/2 cup of cheesy green beans. I was also going to have some ham salad, but after a bite I realized that, that would be a losing battle. I think I have irritated my band and perhaps a day or two of liquids would do me some good. Then I would know whether it was too tight or just irritation. This re-learning how to live with a band is a little fickle. I kept saying I would try just liquids, the last day or so, but didn't follow my own advice. I guess I better really mean it. So for the rest of tonight and all of Saturday I vow to only have liquids! Gotta get my band in a happy place again.


  1. Can I share with you that some days I can only tolerate yogurt and soup or protein shakes. If I hav a stuck episode I know that will be the drill for a few days I have adapted to this method and it seems to work for me. But you may very well be too tight. So continue to monitor.

  2. Thanks for the hint Barbara--I have forgotten how to behave with my band and I need to just relearn the signs. It's like being a new patient again, reminds me a lot of post-surgery, where I had to experiment and figure out what does and doesn't work. Nice to know I am not the only one who deals with fluctuations! :)