Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cheated a Little

We celebrated a second, snow delayed Christmas with family today. Again, with all the favorite holiday foods. It was hard not to over-do. I will have to go back to my full liquid diet again until I am actually supposed to move into Phase 2 of my diet on Thursday of this week. I had my splurge, now it's time to behave again. In some ways, I was just testing my new plumbing. I tolerated everything pretty well, but probably shouldn't test it much more for a while and let myself heal well this next week and continue to follow the plan until my first fill. It's a lot of rules to follow and I really think that this was a good test of what I will have to deal with in the next weeks and months to come. So much to learn! It's hard to know what "normal" is now and as I continue to move through my phases and what it will be like after fills.


  1. Boy oh boy, I agree with you much to learn and it just takes time. I'm going through the same thing. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. No prob, you will be fine! I had only one week of full liquids, then on to mushies. Can't wait to hear how the scale is treating you1

  3. Don't worry, you will do fine. It is really hard with the Holidays to be good food wise, I know, I haven't been good. But I am getting my first "Fill" tomorrow & I can't wait to have the restriction again!

    Hope your New Year's plans goes better than your Christmas plans.