Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am officially off work for a while! Technically I have a staff meeting/Christmas party tomorrow, but that hardly counts as work. Then I have taken a week of sick leave and will likely take a few more days of a mix of annual leave and sick leave before Christmas. I am accompanying my brother to one of his doctor appointments in Rochester, so those days off were planned quite some time ago. So I get a long recouperative period.

I spent some time today organizing all my papers. It was getting to be quite a stack of bills, letters, instructions and such and I decided to put it all into a little accordian file. I have so many things to keep straight, I think that will really help me. I stopped at the drug store to pick up my bottle of magnesium citrate...the bottle says it's "the sparkling laxative" in a lovely lemon flavor, LOL. That will be quite an adventure I am sure. Gotta start drinking that by 4:00 PM on Monday as part of my prep for surgery.

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