Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Follow Up with Doc

I have been noticing one of my wounds was not healing as well as the rest, and the more I looked at it I realized that there was a little piece of string or bandage or something glued into it. I tried to pick it out with a tweezers but didn't want to tear anything. So just to be safe I am going to the local clinic today to have a professional dig around in it. I don't think anything was sutured, I think I was all super glued so I don't know if it something that belongs there or not. Anyway, I figured that before it festered I would have someone take a look at it. So I am sneaking away from work for a little while this afternoon to take care of that.

Update: I had some sutures snipped today. I didn't know I had any! Apparently two of the holes I had were sutured rather than glued and they were poking out a bit. I didn't see my regular PCP, but instead a med student at the clinic got to clip them a bit so that wounds could heal a little better. Everything seems fine for now, and I will see my surgeon again in late January. I was happy to see that I had lost about 12 pounds since my last doctor visit--a little different from my records since I am fully clothed at the office.


  1. Yes, glad to hear that all is well!

    I know how you feel about the weights being different from home & at the Doctor's office! Especially when we live so far from them! I can weigh myself at home & by the time we drive the 1.5-3 hours (depending on traffic & road conditions, not to mention whether I ate or not) to get there, my weight will have changed.

    You are doing great!!