Friday, December 18, 2009

Great Care at the Hospital

I got some really great care from my nurse at the hospital this past week. In particular, there was a nurse named Kari that was there during the two days of my stay. She was so caring and really did everything she could to make me feel better. Just wanted to make sure I remembered her name here. I also had a guy named Paul who was the over night guy, he was OK, but he was no Kari!

I also had a great gal who was a patient care assistant, I think her name was Jen. But she helped give me a sponge bath and took care of all sorts of jobs I wouldn't wish on anyone. Great, caring people!


  1. You were quite lucky to receive a sponge bath. After having gastric bypass, I showered all alone without any assistance. I felt so dizzy, it was a blessing that I didn't pass out. My hospital stay was not the best but maybe I'm super picky because I'm a nurse myself.

  2. You got a sponge bath? I didn't even get the offer to take a shower before leaving the Hospital! LOL

    Glad you are doing fine. Hope your home plumbing problem is fixed.

    Happy Holidays