Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Impending Snow Storm Changes Plans

My surgeon's office called this morning, asking if I still planned on coming to Sioux Falls, since there is a major winter storm headed for the area. Well after some phone calls and decision making, my brother and I decided it would be smart to postpone the trip. So now my next appointment will be later in January for my first fill instead. Everything seems to be healing well and I am feeling good with the exception of some slight shoulder pain, the nurse and I decided I would be OK to skip the appointment. She did say I could visit my PCP, but I think that since everything seems to be healing quite well, I may skip that as well, as I really don't think they would tell me anything new. In preparing for the snow storm, we went on a grocery run and stocked up on soup and other liquids so that I would be all ready to just snuggle in for a few days.

1 comment:

  1. It's too bad you have to postpone your appointment, but it is definitely understandable! You probably don't want to be out in a storm of that strength!

    I may have to postpone my first fill as well! It is scheduled for Monday & it is supposed to be snowing over the Sierra's. We do have a 4x4, but we really don't like to drive it if we don't have to. So...wish me luck!

    Glad you got your shelves stocked up just in case at home too.