Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Number...Again!

Wow, this is really going quickly...maybe too fast? (Who would think that would be a problem?) I saw a glimpse of 269 on the scale this morning. I am eating the suggested amount of calories, so I don't think I am skimping too much. I am not hungry and feel satisfied so I guess that's good. I suppose my metabolism is catching on to the fact that there isn't more food coming in and took a look around and said..."Hey, lets use all this fat for energy instead!" I am still working on getting the right amount of protein every day, but I am getting closer to my daily goal all the time.

On another subject, my sleep has been improving the last few days. I am still tossing and turning a bit at night, but at least I am not up at 4:30 AM like I was some days. Actually slept until 6:00 AM this morning, that is an improvement. Well, this year is almost done and I am ready to start the New Year completly fresh!


  1. Wow CeeJay!! 34 lbs lost in 2 wks is totally fantastic!! Wish I could lose like that. My weight loss is down to a crawl right now. Hopefully, after my next fill, I will feel more restriction & start losing again. Unfortunately, it isn't until the end of January!!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Actually the 34 is total since I started. Pre-surgery until now is about 16.