Monday, December 7, 2009

Last Minute Instructions from Surgery Center

Got a phone call today from Cherish, a nurse at the surgery center. She had lots of questions for me and several instructions for the pre-surgery class and the day of surgery. Her phone call really makes things real! I can't believe it is getting so close. But of course there are a few potential glitches--life wouldn't be normal if there weren't some things to stress me out! The weather is threatening to make my travels to Sioux Falls a bit treacherous, but I guess that's life in the midwest. Second thing is my sister, who was going to be my chauffeur is ill, so I am not sure she will be available (sure hope it's nothing serious!), so for now I am still counting on it but thinking about a plan B just in case, which would be my brother instead. But we have a week to sort all that out, it will all work in the end.


  1. I am sure everything will come together for you...not too much longer now!

  2. It will come together. I know you are getting very excited!