Friday, December 4, 2009

One Step Closer

I have an appointment with my shrink today, lol. I think going to a therapist is one of the smartest decisions I ever made for myself. I had so much garbage in my brain that led me to my 303 pounds and I just kept going in the wrong direction in so many areas of my life. I feel like I am at the best place mentally than I have been in a long time and soon hopefully the physical and mental me will match up much better.

Saw 283 again on the scale today, that's awesome. I know I should weigh myself less often, but for now it's encouraging, not discouraging. Later on, I may choose one day a week as my "official" weigh in day so that I don't get wrapped up in numbers. I also need to remember to look for non-scale victories (NSV's) when the going gets tough. I need to do my measurements before I forget too, so I can write them down here.

10 days and counting!

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  1. I'll be rooting for you Ceejay.. hang in there.. I look the design of your blog.