Saturday, December 12, 2009

Need a Project Today

I am going to need some projects to keep me busy this weekend! I have so much nervous energy that I think I'm going to burst. I do need to clean the house in preparation for Christmas guests. I wake up so early anymore that it makes for a long day if I don't have something productive to do. It's 7:15 AM and I have already had breakfast, done the dishes and I am on my second load of laundry! That's ridiculous. At this pace, I will run out of things to do by mid-morning. I think I need to find some ways to relax and quiet my mind. Well, better go find some projects to do!


  1. Ceejay, come over to my house ....I will keep you busy till 2012!!! I wish I had your energy..But you are using a good strategy..and burning calories at the same time (a double bonus)

  2. Good luck to you this week!!! I had my surgery on November 24. Wish I'd had the opportunity to do something like this at your young age. Reading through your blog our surgeons had us follow pretty much the same pre-op protocol which I really think gives us a great start.
    I'll be following you and cheering you on, Ceejay!!