Friday, December 11, 2009

Soon-To-Be Former Fat Girl

Crazy! I can't believe I am just days away from a brand new life! I am feeling rather introspective tonight, thinking back on my 25+ years as the fat girl. I think it's going to take a while to make the inside and the outside mesh together. I am really ready for this. I don't feel nervous, I really feel like I am making the right decision. I have done everything I can do to prepare for this and I feel at such peace with my decision. I am so anxious to see some results and to feel my life really changing. I am ready to shed myself of the fat girl once and for all.


  1. Hi Cee Jay, I noticed you have been making comments on some of the blogs that I follow as well, so thought I would come on over & check your blog out.

    I noticed that you will be Banded in a few days. I hope you have an easy Surgery & I look forward to watching your progress. I was banded on Nov 19th & I go in for my first fill on Dec 28th (assuming that the Dr can do the fill, I may have flipped my port).

    I was checking out the names of the blogs that you follow & I would like to recommend three others to you as well. Just about everyone follows all three of these women. The first woman's name is Amy W & she is hilarious!! Her blog name is: Once Upon A Time...In The Land Of Cheese And Sunkist.

    The second one is Cara. She is from Western Australia & her blog name is: The Dash. She is always a wealth of information & very supportive, especially of us newbie bandster's.

    The third one is Roo, she is from Australia & is living & working in Dubai. Her blog is: A Brand New Roo. She is really sweet.

    Anyway, I hope that I haven't overwhelmed you, I just like people to check out some of the really great blogs.

    Blog as soon as you feel up to it after Surgery so we know how it went for you!

    Happy Holidays

  2. CeeJay, I know how you feel.. the anticipation of a new leash on life is something I think all of us bandster dream about before surgery. I think there are distinct phases we all go through, the pre op, 6 weeks post surgery, and then on to fill land until we reach the inevitable sweet spot. I think I kept thinking about the next phase as I was in the prior phase. Just some thoughts to pass along, DO NOT drive yourself crazy with the scale post surgery.. you may be in a bit of a flucuation state.. but after 6 weeks or so, you will see those pounds melt away.. So happy for you as you get closer and closer to your new start..

  3. Thanks so much for the words of wisdom to both of you! I appreciate chatting with people who really know my thoughts and feelings and understand like no one else can! :)