Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Surgery Update

Surgery is done and I am back home recuperating! I am feeling pretty well today, just a few aches here and there. We arrived in Sioux Falls on Monday night about 5:00 PM and I started my magnesium citrate...that was not much fun! My brother went out for supper and shopping and left me to take care of business, LOL. I brought a few creature comforts; a candle and matches and some moist wipes. Those helped for a while, but eventually the process was pretty tiring.

On Tuesday, we were up at the crack of dawn and at the hospital for check-in by 5:00 AM. I was taken to the admitting area, and my brother got to come along. I put on a gown, got an IV and got ready to be taken back to the OR. I remember laying on the table, a flurry of activity of sticky things being put on and that was about it, and I was out like a light. Next thing I knew I was awake in the post op unit and being moved to my room. Felt pretty sore and groggy, and that lasted most of the day. Tuesday night I got a bad case of the queasies, and it took a long time to get that under control.

Wednesday was much better. I had to do a swallow test in the morning and passed with flying colors. I was able to try a few liquids by noon. I continued to get better throughout the day and was released at about 5:00 PM. It was a long drive home, but we stopped several times for walks.

Today I am doing well, just handling pain with a little liquid motrin. All in all, I feel OK, just sore and hard to find a comfortable spot to sit for any length of time, but I am sure that will improve. I have been eating and drinking on schedule today with lots of juice, jello, water and some broth for lunch. So far so good!

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  1. Sounds great, CeeJay. Glad everything went well. Just think what a wonderful year ahead you have to look forward to!!