Sunday, December 27, 2009

Haven't Seen a Scale in Days

I've been away from home for several days, so I have no idea what the scale might say. I have been trying a few new foods here and there, but have still been pretty good on calorie restriction overall. I am curious to go home and see if the scale moved, or if it just stayed in the same place. My family is celebrating Christmas today, a few days late because of the snow storm. So I am sure I will be tempted to try a few semi-solids again. I am finding that I can't have tempting foods around. If I only have good choices around I know I can stick to my new lifestyle. Just another lesson to learn...I have to live my own life and not be worried about what other people are eating. Just a reminder to keep the big picture in my, I choose this to change my life. As I have heard from many people before...nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!


  1. Hey CeeJay - Merry Christmas! That must be soooo hard to be on the post-op diet during the holidays, but you are managing it well! Can't believe you are already 31 pounds down! Awesome! I bet you lost even more this week.

    I read your post about the oatmeal - maybe try making it very thin, with lots of milk. That always worked for me.

  2. CeeJay you are going to do just fine.. journal everything now.. get your protein intake down (most important during these days)and certainly stay on top of your water.. I failed to do this, and wish I did.... and don't worry about that scale.. it will go in the right direction. Keep up the good work..